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Marketing Myself for A Senior Position. How?

<confidential @gmail.com> wrote:
Dear Mr.Prabhojit,
I always appreciate your out of the box ideas, me personally as well challenged hotel industry as I feel hotels still have long way to go in terms of welcoming generation X and Y in top management teams.

.........being in senior management position , Im not sure if its a good idea to post my entire resume on any sites, rather approach the target companies, indusries or suitable positions, thats where I need your assistance on marketing right. ................Would like to hear your opinion
have a great day

Dear <confidential>

I am a firm beleiver in pursuing companies and careers rather than jobs.

job hunting for me, starts with a very important question, what do I want to achieve and which is the best possible route for it.

Good companies invariably ensure one's growth with opportunities, learning, mentoring and a positive work environment.

Having said that, what do you do?

1. Company Website
I must confess, as I write this in Mar 2010, the company websites of most hospitality chains in India are weak on the career front.  There are more opportunities on the job-sites than on the company site.
The company sites however have a wealth of information.  Future plans, investor presentations and corporate contact information.
Also key personnel are almost always listed and once you have a name you can find a link to that individual.

2. Linkedin.com
without doubt the best professional link site.
find the correct individual.
find the group.
find the jobs.

More than just finding direct links you can also ensure you are visible in the following ways:

- show up in search. if your profile is set up right you will feature in related sites.
- be active in groups
- answer & ask questions

3. Recruiters

You want to be discreet.
The client wants to be discreet.
these are the people they use.
Contact them.
Dont just send your resume.
Develop a relationship.
Dont call everyday for updates.

4. Offline Networking
Real world events are a great place to meet prospective employers in a non-official (hence less pressure) setting.
Meet up.
Dont ask for a job on the first introduction.
As with everything else, create a relationship, a bond, a level of trust and then ask.

Hope this helps.


Job Hunting

Dear Prabhjot , 
i am aspiring  for the post of the Team leader in a 5 star deluxe hotel . if you get to know any openings regardig for the same then let me know.
 With best Regards
Anupam Kumar

Dear Anupam,

My sincere suggestion is to visit http://home.hospemag.com & join the site.
you will get all the latest jobs delivered to you!

All the best!

MBA Or Masters After Hotel Management Degree

Dear Mr Prabhjot
Thnks for your valuable time can u suggest from where can i persue the masters or MBA which is not just for the sake of adding another degree but will enhance my skills.
Suneet Mehrotra

Dear Suneet,

for an MBA - the following is my suggestion:

1. pursue full time as far as possible.  the value of the learning & batch is immense.
start from wanting to study with the best.

2. part-time is next best option. most metros have very good colleges that offer evening & weekend MBA programs.

3. if not these, then try doing the Online PGD from IIM Kolkatta via NIIT (online version with classroom/lectures delivered over the internet) - Click here

4. if you want to look at cheaper options (pt 3 is expensive) try out IGNOU (click here) / Symbiosis Correspondence courses - ( click here )

5. If you want to do something specifically in Hospitality (though I dont suggest an MBA specific for one industry ) you should look at Cornell ( Click here)  or Hotel School, Hague (Click here) or ESSEC, Paris ( Click here )

All the best!