Secrets of Recruitment

Secret #1 – Candidates Pay Recruiters

This is the first in a series of 10 articles on the secrets of recruitment & recruiters. The articles are meant to assist you in your job search, get you jobs faster & make the selection process faster & effective.

Secret #2 – You Are Not Important to the Recruiter

Its true.
If you just read the statement once you would feel I was nuts.
The recruiter gets paid (and in some cases, exceptionally well paid) because of you. You are good, you get selected and hence his business thrives.
Why wouldn’t you be important to him? ridiculous.
But its still true,
Now, hear me out, why & what you can do about it.

Secret #3 – There is no Job, only Advertisement

This article is about why ‘ads but no jobs’ is done, why it affects you, and what you can & should do about it.

Secret #4 – Your Recruiter May Not Be The Main Recruiter

Some of the big recruiters, send out positions to the specialists (read niche) and the specialists do not need to work at getting new clients or worry about fees etc. It works for the recruiters, but what about you? Here’s why its not good for you & What you should do.

Secret #5 – Recruiters pay Human Resources

Where it does not happen, you are good, where it does, you should know what to do. It may not be just Hr & it may not be just money.

Here are the tips on how to know its happening & what to do about it.

Secret#6 – Once a client, Not always a client

a lot of recruiters claim to have worked with the best in the industry, but did they ever get paid? Did they try and fail? trying cannot be considered a client-service provider relationship. A lot of firms file tenders and bids, only the successful one is considered the contractor.

So, what does this mean for you as a candidate. Find out..